Snow Emergency Beginning at Midnight – 2/19/11

Edit here is the 3PM 2-20-2011 Update.

Yes it has been a long winter and it is getting longer…  Please get you cars off the streets tonight.

This is an Official Snow Emergency Declaration.
The expected severe winter weather conditions associated with the Winter Storm Warning
effective at 12:00 am Sunday 2/21and the associated snowfall totals predicted from this
storm could result in a serious threat to public safety. Many city streets will become
increasingly difficult to drive and become increasingly narrow during the snow storm, the
result of blowing snow and snow filled boulevards and numerous vehicles regularly parked
on city streets through the day and night.

Rochester City officials are declaring a Snow Emergency effective 12:00 am Monday
February 21, 2011.

The parking restriction applies to all city streets, with the exception of the Downtown
Business District, for the early morning periods of Monday 2/21/11 and Tuesday 2/
22/11 between the hours of 12:00 pm and 6:00 am. The existing Downtown Business
District overnight parking restrictions are still in effect.

Residents must use off-street parking spaces. This will enable the Public Works crews
to plow the complete width of the streets over the next three days. The snow removal
operation will be completed more timely and cost effectively and will provide for streets
that are sufficiently wide for snow plows and emergency vehicles to navigate during and
after the snow storm.


  1. Public works does a great job clearing the snow.

    However, there were 3 cars parked in front of my house during the snow emergency from midnight-6am on 2/21. None of the cars were mine. The plow came by at 5:30am and had to fill my driveway simply because there was nowhere else to put the snow.

    I was told by public works that I can’t expect these folks to be fined or towed when they get plowed around during a snow emergency. I think it’s time to consider alternate side parking from December 1st-April 1st if parking during snow emergencies can’t be enforced due to parking enforcement being too busy.

    Let’s give the city employees the tools they need to ensure public safety and save taxpayer dollars.

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