Volume Control for Stormwater Runoff is coming…

…and just in time because our polluted waterways need it.

Green Infrastructure

Also last Thursday there was a presentation for staff and elected officials at Cascade Meadows about the upcoming standards.  Minneapolis and St. Paul are already subject to these standards and are showing the way.  I have no doubt that this will change the way development is done.


  1. It won’t change until the council opens up the process for developing the revisions to the storm water management plan. Specifically changes are needed in the treatment of developed areas, the speaker you listened to reported on how they did it, lets get on track to make the same changes here. When I checked the council has not even approved credits against the fees for those developers and homeowners who do take steps to reduce runoff.

  2. Ray you are 100% correct. The RAF would have received no credit for putting a green roof on the building. When we receive our TMDL guidance we will be force to take action.

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