When will Rochester get a smart grid?

We are falling behind.

10 Cities already using a smart grid.

In Rochester our poorest citizens overpay for electricity so that big box retailers with stores specifically designed to be energy inefficient can get a subsidized rate.

We should have progressive pricing that allows those that use less electricity or electricity at off peak time to pay less per kWh.  Unfortunately we do just the opposite.

If we had a smart grid system users would pay the real cost of electricity.  This means that on a hot sunny summer afternoon with no wind rates would be high.  At 3 AM rates would be low.  If we did this the free market would do more to conserve and control when we use energy.  Solar panels which seem expensive today would be much more reasonable in cost as they generate their electricity when rates are highest.

Right now the more energy you waste as a homeowner the better rate you get.

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