12 Ways to Improve Your Neighborhood

From the awesome people at RNeighbors, here are 12 Ways to Improve Your Neighborhood.

2. Report nuisances and other non-criminal problems promptly.

Examples: Junked cars on front lawns, abandoned autos in the streets, old mattresses in a backyard, garbage dumped in a vacant lot. When you’re thinking, “someone ought to do something,” do something. For vehicles parked on front lawns, contact Rochester Planning & Zoning Department at (507) 328-7100. Abandoned vehicles on the street should be referred to the Rochester Police department-non-emergency number at (507) 328-6800. Building Safety at (507) 328-2600 is responsible for abandoned vehicles on rental and owner occupied properties; abandoned vehicles on commercial property should be referred to Planning & Zoning Department at (507) 328-2600. Call your neighbors and ask them to call and report as well. Keep calling until the issue is resolved.

I especially like this one as cutting blight is one of my top priorities.

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