Fact Check: Mentoring youth has impact on public safety

When you write a letter to the editor typically the space is limited, but I wanted to add a couple of thoughts to the letter that was published today in the Post Bulletin. The basic idea that I wanted to communicate is that we need people to mentor to our kids.  We have a huge population of children that need good role models.  If you really are concerned about crime in our community, this is how you can help.

There are some people that think our priority is not public safety, but when you look at the actual numbers it clearly has been.  Further I think that those that claim we should hire more officers should realize that has been done at the expense of quality of life amenities for the last decade.   Some of these same amenities are exactly what we need to keep kids engaged.

I threw out some numbers at the end of the letter and I wanted to show where those numbers came from.  These numbers continue to get refined.  Also I am trying to get the official census number for 2010, right now I am guessing 105,000 which may be low.

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  1. Interesting figures, would help to have what you include in each category. As long as you are going to this effort perhaps you should include the other dollars spent on public safety, for example courts, community corrections, county attorney,all funded from property taxes, and perhaps even state systems such as state corrections, BCA, etc. Then perhaps you need to include money spent by the county on quality of life and for facilities used by city residents that we pay property taxes for. Course then you should also include the quality of life items that the school districts pay for, adult use of gyms, adult ed. these kind of things. Amazing how these things work together isn’t it. Golly perhaps you need to include social services, mental health issues, the community is nicer when those in need of services receive them rather than becoming problems for the police, the state and county pay for those, again from our property taxes in part.

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