Our groundwater is in danger.

Fortunately we fought opposition from the Rochester Area Builders Association and passed the Decorah Edge Protection ordinance.  But there is much more work to do.  Here is a note that I received with a link from Jeff Broberg.  Jeff is one of the states leading experts on water issues and we share a interest in healthy trout streams.

This article about groundwater contamination in SE Minnesota features Lewiston and the well on my farm, both highly contaminated with nitrates.  This is a harbinger of things to come in our area.  Risk assessors from Goldman Saks believe that by the year 2035, in just 25 more years, over 80% of the worlds population will have to drink treated water.  Coming to a town near you.  Jeff

The full article with photos and graphics can be found on the Star Tribune website by searching “Poison on Tap” or this URL:


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