2010 Goals Review: Summary

If you don’t set goals and measure yourself, you will get nothing done.  I set goals for 2010 and I measured myself.  This is what I campaigned on and this is how I hold myself accountable to the citizens and taxpayers.  My results were not perfect, but I also did not just go along for the ride…

  1. Communicate more with my constituents: B
  2. Formation of a small group advisory committee: B
  3. Work better with other levels of government: B
  4. Pass a Street Tree Ordinance: A
  5. Organize Country Club Manor: A
  6. Create GLBT equality policy: A
  7. Move towards real time pricing at RPU: C+
  8. City Wide broadband: C-
  9. Create a City Energy Baseline: B
  10. West on 2nd Street planning: B
  11. Neighborhood design and development standards: C
  12. Core Zoning: C
  13. Address Rochester Convention and Visitors Bureau: B
  14. Focus on high quality workforce housing developments with integrated ownership: A+

Extra Credit: Landlord Code of Conduct.

I will never forget: Remembering a beautiful girl we lost far too soon at a bridge dedication.

Lowlight: Skyway to nowhere.

Looks like my GPA was about 3.02 so I get a “B” for 2010.  Unless we are grading on a curve… Soon I will post my 2011 Goals, your suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.

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