2010 Goals Review: West on 2nd Street planning (10 of 14)

Goal: West on 2nd Street planning

Grade: B

Comments:  Really good progress here for the neighborhood nicknamed “Uptown.”  In 2010, I met with dozens of business / property owners and got their input and buy in.  I also spoke with residents in the area and hope to organize them as a neighborhood association.  Uptown is not a new project, but an organization a number of rehab and investment projects that are already planned or needed.  Unlike other projects that took place on South Broadway or is proposed at 65th street, the uptown project is not creating new expensive and unneeded infrastructure.

Funding for the street portion of the project is included in the sales tax reauthorization.  In 2011, planning work should continue.  Hopefully we can do a zoning overlay to guide development in the right direction.

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