2010 Goals Review: Neighborhood design and development standards (11 of 14)

Goal: Neighborhood design and development standards

Grade: C

Comments:  Until about December this wasn’t moving and it hurts neighborhoods and developers.  Neighborhoods are at risk of poor development standards.  Developers don’t have good guidance to start from and run into neighborhood opposition.  I will limit my sympathies a little because we have had some real ugly development force through using zoning tricks.

I am committed to getting the IK neighborhood zoning done and approved in 2011, I would also like to see similar zoning for Uptown.  The downtown masterplan calls for form based zoning.  There has been some conflict about who is slowing the process, the neighborhoods or planning.  To be clear only one of these groups gets paid to get zoning work done.  That group needs to lead the way and get this done.

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