2010 Goals Review – Create a City Energy Baseline (9 of 14)

Goal:  Create a City Energy Baseline

Grade: B

Comments: Credit to Ed Hruska for working with me and others in 2009 to create a city energy commission (6-1 Bruce).  This was the group charged with creating a baseline in 2010.  Here a volunteer, Ray Bills, who is not even on the commission has taken over the leadership and starting using ICLEI tools to create an energy baseline.  The baseline is important, because until we understand how much energy we use, we cannot understand what is possible, or what changes need to be made.  Near the end of the year Ray’s work was progressing.  It is important to remember that whether it is oil from Canada, Natural Gas from Louisiana , or Coal from Wyoming, almost all of our energy consumption takes money away from Rochester.  I will give Ray an A for results, and me a C because I was not that involved, but did give a little leadership early on.

This was a good exercise in delegation.

Yup, that’s my story…

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