Arts study expected to get funding

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I figure I should add some context to my statement and explain myself further before I get beat up too badly.

A $2,000 funding request by the Rochester Arts Council appears likely to receive city council support.

Council member Michael Wojcik described the request as “money well spent.”

I do think that this is a good investment, and it also helps that Mayo and UMR are paying for this as well.  We will get a $7,500 study for $2,000.  During the meeting I asked Bari what the long term goal was with the study data, and she responded that it will provide us with a real economic measure of the impact of arts.  As a city this is helpful, because it will help us weigh our investments in the arts and measure the impacts.

Later in the meeting I brought up an unrelated topic where I requested that we look at putting our arts funding and facilities into one organization.  Currently I find that system to be a tangled web suffering from poor interagency communication.  This appears to have strong council support.  I will post more on this later as it is one of my 2011 goals.  This is particularly important to me as my budget analysis shows that we are cutting quality of life amenities including the arts.

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