Wow, our slumlords earn state recognition…

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Hyder Jaweed and Asgher Ali have figured out how to skirt the rules, say numerous housing inspectors.

The landlords — who have owned at least 17 rental properties in the Twin Cities and Rochester over the past 10 years — allow problems such as bedbugs, cockroaches, mold and leaking pipes to fester, ignoring complaints from residents and failing to make repairs until faced with sanctions that would hit their pocketbook, according to public records and interviews with tenants and former employees.

Inspectors say the properties owned by the Jaweed brothers are usually a revolving door of problems, taxing overworked and underfunded rental inspection programs.

Jaweed, 34, and Ali (aka Jaweed), 29, are “the worst of the worst,” said Rochester’s manager of housing inspections, Susan LeGare-Gulden.

Despite rental license revocations, multiple citations for code violations, liens, bankruptcies and foreclosures, the brothers have remained in the rental business for 10 years — while their tenants often live in problem-riddled buildings.

Inspectors say the Jaweeds are great at stalling — not applying for a rental license in a timely manner, not showing up for scheduled inspections and not fixing housing-code violations until after inspectors make two or three return visits. Then, at the last minute, they pay the bills to keep the utilities from being shut off or fix the housing code violations to avoid being sanctioned.

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The Jaweeds declined multiple requests for interviews.

Public records and interviews with city inspectors show the back-and-forth between them and the officials who repeatedly try to make them comply with regulations.

Court documents also show how the brothers have made it difficult for tenants, creditors and city officials to pinpoint who owns their buildings and is responsible for payments.

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