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Sometimes I will just publish public information because I think some of my readers might find it interesting.  Anytime a note is sent to the council and not made confidential by some of the very limited reasons why it should be, it is public information.  I just like to offer it in an easy to find place.  Here is a note from Greg Martin.  Our Fire Department is an outstanding example of an organization using measurements to gauge quality and pursuing continuous improvement.

1. NEW STATION 2 – We are still looking at data on call volume and distribution as well as potential sites.

2. SIXTH ENGINE COMPANY – We are still looking at the feasibility and utilization of another engine company.  If we move forward, with this additional resource, you will see some restructuring of responses.  This would likely involving adding resources to reported structure fire calls.

3. FIREFIGHTER HIRES – We are anticipating hiring off of the current list this spring provided there are vacancies.  This list will expire in late summer.  As a result,  We are concurrently working on a new firefighter test for late summer or early fall.    After a great deal of evaluation, we have decided to not join the Chippewa Valley Technical College consortium.  However, we will use them as a resource for the CPAT.   New firefighter candidates will be required, under Civil Service,  to have a Firefighter II certification.  (Currently, they are required to have completed Firefighter II training) In addition, the Civil Service rules have also been changed to required that applicants possess a valid CPAT card at the time of application.

4. MOTOR OPERATOR EXAM – This process is progressing.  As you know the reading list has been sent out.  We are tentatively planning on a written test in April and a practical in May.

5. NEW WORLD – As you know, Engine 4 is using the new air cards. As soon as we have approval from IT, we will also install one in the on duty Battalion Chief’s vehicle.  Early results look promising and we are also waiting to have our mobile software updated that will finally give us access to preplans.

6. EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT – There are too many things going on in our Emergency Management Division to list in this brief update.  Suffice it to say that this will be a busy year for our Emergency Management Division.  Additional sirens will be installed, the Emergency Operations Plan will be completed, 911 will be equipped with ability to activate sirens, as well as a number of other planning activities and training exercises will be conducted.

7. ADMINISTRATIVE STUFF – We are working towards standardizing our various ceremonies for awards, promotions, recruit graduations, etc.  We are working to develop a template style check list to not only standardize these ceremonies but give insure that proper recognition is given to deserving individuals.

8. FUNCTION GROUPS – As you know, DC Belau has established functional  groups to provide quality input to our organization.  These include EMS, Rescue, Uniforms,  Hazmat as well as soon to be established Fire and  Apparatus groups.  The purpose is to develop a systematic approach so that we get quality input into our various operations and practices.

9. KING AIRWAYS – Training will be completed shortly and the new airways will be distributed.

10. PROPOSITION SHEET – We do not have a formal name yet but we are developing a concept where an individual in RFD could propose a new idea or practice to test, evaluate and adopt.   They would fill out an idea or proposition sheet and have it reviewed for consideration.  More to follow on this in the coming weeks.

11. CHIEF QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSIONS  – As always, I will be meeting with every crew on every shift.  For those of you that are new to the organization, this is your opportunity to hear what is happening in RFD and ask questions, get answers, give opinions hear my opinions.   Keep in mind, that my comments, thoughts, opinions do not change RFD Standard Operating Guidelines, (SOG)  since we have a process for that.  However, I always learn a great deal and many times what I learn leads to changes.  So….don’t be shy and I look forward to seeing all of you in the next couple of weeks.

Fire Chief Greg K. Martin

Rochester Fire Department

City Hall Room 10

201 4th Street SE

Rochester, MN  55904


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