2010 Goals Review: City Broadband (8 of 14)

Goal: City Wide broadband

Grade: C-

Comments: Well, I tried, but that was a well connected bunch.  Guess what… Charter Communications opposed this…  At the end of the day our monopoly provider continues to bleed money out of Rochester for overpriced services.  What can we do, but continue to give them whatever they want?  For most of us there is no competition.

When this was discussed at a Committee of the Whole, John Wade of the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce stated that they opposed government intervention into this competitive marketplace.  Competitive, how is it competitive?

While some communities offer broadband at less than $20 we are stuck paying $45 for mediocre speeds, and poor service.  Tucker Carlson who spoke on behalf of Charter told us about all the good that Charter does.  He was upset that I asked him how much of our money stayed in the local community and how many of those jobs he brags about pay a living wage.  As you would expect he answered neither question.

At the time I was only asking that RPU fund a study exploring whether the city could offer 5 MB broadband for less than $20 per month.  Not a single other person on the city council supported this effort.  A for effort, F- for results.

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