Joe Weis to request taxpayer assistance.

Because I may have to make a judgment in a quasi-judicial capacity I can’t say how I would vote on this until discussion and hearings are complete.  Therefore I simply present this as information. 

Here is the note from Steve Kvenvold:

Joe Weis has contacted me in an attempt to determine what the city’s position may be to provide tax increment financing for 48 units of workforce housing which Mr. Weis is proposing to construct in the 2nd phase of his Washington Village housing project.  Mr. Weis would like up to $150,000 in TIF financing for this 2nd phase.

If TIF was to be provided, a TIF housing district would need to be established. The  city council previously considered a TIF proposal for Washington Village and determined that they would not create a TIF housing district for the 1st phase of Washington Village. Mr. Weis points to the council approval of TIF for 13 units of town house rental units for Lumber One as an example of why he should get TIF for his Washington Village East project.

I did indicate to Mr.  Weis that I would pass on this information to the Mayor/Council to attempt to determine if the Mayor/Council had any interest in entertaining consideration of TIF for his Washington Village East project.

I did review this matter with Terry Adkins and he expressed his concerns about the Council prejudging any potential TIF application submitted by Mr. Weis by responding to this e-mail message, therefore, I will indicate to Mr. Weis that he will have to contact each council member individually to determine their potential position on any  TIF application submitted by Mr. Weis.


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