Q & A: How does the “Landlord Code of Conduct” enforcement work?

This was a note sent to the council by an exasperated citizen wondering how to get enforcement under the new code of conduct.  I don’t always agree with the author, but I appreciate their dedication to their neighborhood.  I also believe that this landlord is one of our very worst.
I want to bring to all of you, your attention to page A3, Post Bulletin, Friday, Dec. 31st. 2010, article, “Shooting suspect faces drug charges”.
This kind of person fills the apts that run up and down 4 1/2 Street NW, and around the corners.
4 of the bldgs belong to Greg Marn, who I have also frequently reported to you.
Oct. 2009, our neighborhood was told council would meet with Kevin Horsman and Greg Marn—co-owners of 4 of these apts that rent to a whole band of negative element tenants.  That was not done.  Horsman is out of the picture, and Marn has continued to rent to this kind of individual.
These are the tenants of landlord, Greg Marn.  If we manage to get rid of one, more just keep coming.
We have been reporting Greg Marn, his tenants, their activity, for almost two years now.
In the attached email, I asked for procedure as to how to bring Greg Marn before the council.  I asked for a form to submit a grievance.
I have heard nothing; I have rec’d nothing.
Terry Atkins was asked to respond to our concern regarding the new landlord code.  Atkins states it is strong, it is reliable, it will work.
But, again, I have had no response as to how to proceed.  It can’t work if there is no response, no follow thru–no procedure.
Greg Marn is off basking in the sun, in Arizona.  I am quite sure you won’t see him at your Landlord Meetings.  I know he has rec’d the new Code of Ethics; however, rather doubt, he is troubled by it.
There is mega documentation of what has occurred up and down this street, definitely documentation on the 4 that Marn owns.
I have my own documentation also.
I am asking you again; what is the procedure for follow thru to bring this man before the council.
Answer (from city attorney and proud Fighting Sioux, Terry Adkins):

There are no specific forms or documents that must be filled out before asking the Council to take action under the newly-adopted Landlord Standards of Conduct ordinance. For that reasons, I cannot forward to you a specific form or document that you need to complete in order to get the process moving. Instead, any manner of reporting a landlord who is in violation of that Ordinance can be and will be accepted.

I would suggest that, if you believe a landlord has violated the Standards of Conduct Ordinance, you bring the violation to the attention of the Building Safety Department. You should be prepared to provide documentation of the violation and any other facts supporting your allegation. The violation must have occurred after adoption of the Standards of Conduct Ordinance. (That Ordinance became effective November 6, 2010.)

The Building Safety Department can review the allegation, contact the interested parties, gather the facts and determine whether there is a preponderance of evidence supporting the allegation. (A preponderance of evidence means evidence that shows a violation more likely than not occurred. By ordinance and case law, this is the amount of evidence required before the Council can take any action against a landlord’s registration certificate.) The Department may consult with the City Attorney’s Office in that effort. If there is a preponderance of evidence supporting the allegation, the matter can then be brought before the Council in the form of a public hearing. The Council will then hear the evidence and make a final determination on the matter. If there is an insufficient amount of evidence supporting the allegation, the Department will inform you of such.

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