Logistics: Changes for 2011

For 2011 I have canceled my landline phone number (sorry Charter).  You will be able to contact me by email (preferred), in person, social media, or on my cell phone.  My number will be added to the contact us section of this webpage.  Unfortunately it will not be in the phone book, unless they are willing to publish cell numbers for elected officials.  Here is an update on my boards and commissions. 

I will no longer be serving on:

  • Olmsted County Environmental Commission (Mark Bilderback will represent the council)
  • Olmsted County Housing & Redevelopment Authority (Bruce Snyder will represent the council)

I will continue to serve on:

  • Rochester City Council
  • Rochester Energy Commission
  • Rochester – Olmsted Council of Governments (ROCOG – like the “Met-Council” of this area)

I will now serve on and as the chair of:

  • Board of Equalization

I like that this is a net reduction of about 23 meetings per year.  I intend to use this time to do more analysis and be a bigger annoyance to those that would serve to exploit the citizens and taxpayers of Rochester.

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