2010 Goals Review: Working with other governments (3 of 14)

Goal:  Work better with other levels of government.

Result: B

Explanation:  I give myself a B because I did see some improvements.  I think the highlight of this activity was a fall meeting put on with the league of Women Voters where myself, Mark Bilderback, Paul Wilson, Judy Ohly, Jim Pittenger, and Mechelle Severson just got together and talked, brainstormed, and answered questions for 2 hours.  I moderated and perhaps my number 1 regret of 2010 is that we did not record the event in any way.

I think that all parties are doing a better job of taming down the rhetoric.  There are a couple of exceptions particularly on the county board and city council.  The did break up the EOC, but it is actually doing its job now.  Thanks to the leadership of Judy Ohly we were able to work together on the Library funding equation.  We also are moving forward on the 2nd Street SW “Uptown” street partnership project.

The state continued to harm local governments, but I hope that will get better now that Tim Pawlenty and his property tax and fee increases are just a bad memory.

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