2010 Goals Review: Pass a Street Tree Ordinance (4 of 14)

Goal: Pass a Street Tree Ordinance

Grade: A

Comments:  In short we not only got it done, but took out some dumb language that was inserted to pander to special interests.  Personally I nagged and nagged because I knew there were some that were looking to delay or derail the process as they had done for 6+ years.

Bob Nowicki gets the credit for starting the process and fighting to keep it moving.  The final ordinance passed 4-3 or 5-2, I am not sure what Dennis Hanson’s take was on the final language.  I believe he was supportive.

Bonus: I also had the laughable complaint that I was too mean to the Rochester Area Builder’s Paid Lobbyist. I continue to disagree and feel the tough questions are fair game.

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