Here is my chat session with Charter Communications

Towards the end, I tried to leave no confusion as to whether they would be getting me signed up for TV or other services…  Note that my land line is being eliminated.

Thank you for choosing Charter Chat Live! A Customer Care representative from General Sales Inquiries will be with you shortly.
You have been connected to DAC Philip .
DAC Philip : Welcome to Charter Chat Sales, home of the Ultimate bundle. Get Unlimited long distance phone, High speed internet, and 200+ channels including a DVR and all your favorite movie channels starting at $149.97/month. Lock in the price of the ultimate bundle now for 2 years and get a $400 Gift card.

Hello, this is Phillip with Charter Communications, how may I help you today?
Michael Wojcik: I would like to discontinue my phone service and just have internet.
DAC Philip : Ok, I will just need to transfer you over to a customer care specialist and they can take care of that. Can I transfer you now?
Michael Wojcik: yes
DAC Philip has left the session.
Please wait while we find an agent from the CHAT – MDVL – RETENTION department to assist you.
You have been connected to TTM Ann .
TTM Ann : Hi, thanks for contacting Charter. My name is Ann.
TTM Ann : I understand your concern about a downgrade and I would be happy to help you and look at Charter options.
Michael Wojcik: No options just internet please
TTM Ann : What is your name and the physical address of the service, please?
Michael Wojcik: Michael Wojcik
Michael Wojcik: 984 Fox Knoll Dr SW
Michael Wojcik: Rochester MN 55902
TTM Ann : Do you have the 4 digit security code from your bill for account verification, Mr Wojcik?
TTM Ann : The security code is located on the Charter bill at the top right corner of page 1.
Michael Wojcik: XXXX
TTM Ann : Thank you.
TTM Ann : Do you want to add your email address to your Charter account for notifications?
Michael Wojcik: no
TTM Ann : Would you keep phone at $19.99 a month pre-tax for a year?
Michael Wojcik: no just internet
TTM Ann : Do you want to take the phone number to another provider?
Michael Wojcik: no, but I do want to leave a message informing of a new number.
TTM Ann : Ok, what number?
Michael Wojcik: 507-269-8606
TTM Ann : What date do you want to disconnect phone?
Michael Wojcik: Today is fine.
TTM Ann : How do you connect to television service?
Michael Wojcik: Net Flix
TTM Ann : Do you want to add Charter television today? Charter Basic TV is a simple and convenient way to entertain your entire household. Enjoy your favorite shows from local broadcasters and others with excellent reception in all weather conditions. You can connect every TV in your house without buying any additional equipment.
Michael Wojcik: no just internet
TTM Ann : Are you certain? If you have any issues, repairs are fast and easy. Charter Basic TV is the foundation for your home entertainment experience.
TTM Ann : Billing for phone ends 01/03/11.
Michael Wojcik: I’d rather have by eyes stabbed with pins than do any more business than I have to with Charter…
TTM Ann : You’ll have a prorated discount of $26.98 . You can subtract this from your current balance or take the credit on the next bill if you’ve already made a payment.
TTM Ann : Your new monthly rate with estimated taxes and fees is $44.99.
TTM Ann : Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Michael Wojcik: no
TTM Ann : I will notate your account of our chat today and the downgrade. Thank you for entrusting me with your concerns. We appreciate your business.

In an effort to improve our service to you I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to answer a quick 5 question survey about your experience with me today and with the Charter organization. Once we have completed our chat, this survey will automatically be presented to you. Thank you for your participation.
Thank you for contacting Charter. Have a great evening.
If you require further assistance, go to
Your session has ended. You may now close this window.


  1. Hello Michael,

    My name is Eric Ketzer, and I am a Manager with Charter. I read through the blog, and wanted to reassure you that no additional services have been added to the account. I reviewed the order Ann created, and everything is accurate. I did want to mention that we have a really great offer for our Internet Only customers through our Price Guarantee program. It would end up saving you $10 a month. Here is a link to the Terms and Conditions: If that sounds like something you would be interested in, just shoot me an e-mail to with the best number to contact you at and the best time to call so we can set it up.

    Have a great day!

    Eric Ketzer
    Social Media Communications Manager

  2. I feel the pain. I had a conversation (Feb 24th 2011) saved with an associate from charter. This company has been a pain since my service in 2003.

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