Rochester poised to adopt Downtown Master Plan

Jeff Pieters at the Rochester Post-Bulletin covered the downtown master plan which will have a public hearing on Monday.  If you would like to be heard either contact me or come to Monday’s meeting.

Here is some of what I said about the plan.

“The plan itself is very, very good,” said city council member Michael Wojcik, who read the plans several times and posted his reactions to it on his Facebook page.

“There just aren’t a whole lot of places in the world that have the potential of downtown Rochester,” Wojcik said.


“The council needs the courage to demand the high standards that are in here, even if it’s politically unpopular,” Wojcik said. “A great plan is nothing without the resolve to do it.”

His only criticisms of the plan, Wojcik said, were that core neighborhood leaders were left out of the planning process, and that the plan is silent on historic preservation.

“I think we have some other districts (of the city) that could use some TLC, too,” he said.

The reality is that downtown is the lifeblood of the region and it is a good place to invest.  That said we are not doing this while ignoring the rest of the city, rather as a compliment to the rest of the city.


  1. Members of the Rochester Heritage Preservation Committee meet with Jann Corneil, of Sasaski and Associates, early last year about the need for a downtown Rochester preservation plan. She agreed that having a such a plan would be essential, and said they would request that such a study be completed and added to their study.

    Did Sasaki forget to include that recommendation in their study, and if so, what is the remedy?

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