Information about Indian Heights Park

Indian Heights is one of the best kept secrets in the Rochester Park System.  Here is a brochure about the park.

This park was recently in the news because of controversy over some proposed mountain bike trails in the park.  After talking with neighbors I understand that we can come to a compromise where good trails are created that will protect the unique ecosystems in this park while allowing bike access.  I hope both sides are heard and continue see their vision realized.

I would recommend that everyone go out and find this hidden gem in Rochester.

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  1. One of the big concerns is that there may be early graves at Indian Heights Park. It is generally agreed that it would be inappropriate for bike trails to run over or around possible native peoples burial mounds as well as other possible important archealogical sites. The hope is that an archealogical survey of the possible graves, mounds and other sites be completed sometime this summer.

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