2010 Goals Review: Communication (1 of 14)

Goal: Communicate more with my constituents.

Grade: B

Explanation: In reality I and my volunteers probably do more communication through more channels than almost any other elected official in this part of the country.  I / we regularly attend neighborhood association meetings, utilize social media, maintain an active website, respond to phone calls and emails, author materials for local publications, post update videos, and offer community meeting times, and even walk through my neighborhoods.  Often to the pain of fellow council members, I take the time to explain my positions before I vote on them at council meetings.  So why only a “B?”  I think I can do better, in 2011 look for more published materials and public meetings.  Maybe even twitter… My biggest disappointment was that I could not hold budget hearings.  I wanted to do this, but could not because the meetings were scheduled immediately after the NLC in Denver.  So all told not too bad, but I will try to do more.

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