Reviewing 2010 Goals and setting Goals for 2011

I want to hear from you.

Shortly I will be grading myself and the city on how we did against the goals that I set earlier in the year.  I set some very aggressive goals and certainly didn’t accomplish them all.  I will also be creating a list of goals for 2011.  I would like to hear from you on what you think should be our highest priorities in 2011.  Look for a new list of goals around the middle of January.

One of my priorities will be reforming four election related practices that are unfair or substandard for our citizens.

  1. Allow voters to decide whether to use Ranked Choice Voting.
  2. Ensure that precincts are not created that divide established neighborhoods.
  3. Ensure that the rights, challenges, and obligations of every citizen interested in pursuing elected office are equal within the city of Rochester.
  4. Eliminate the power of the city council to appoint their loyal supporters to openings on the city council.

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