Pedestrian Safety: Project in Waiting

At the request of some of the neighbors that live in this area and parents with children that attend Harriet Bishop Elementary School, I am going to try to raise awareness and get this project moving.  The city completed its work nearly 2 years ago and is currently waiting for county action.

I recently inquired about the status of the signalization of the intersection at 3rd Street NW and West Circle Drive.  I don’t think this is particularly expensive of controversial, so we just need to bring some attention to it.  My hope is that some of my fellow citizens will read and share this information and lobby the County Board and Engineer to take action.  This intersection remains one of the most dangerous in Southeastern Minnesota.

I wanted to share with you the engineering background and communications that go into making a decision as to whether a signalization is warranted.

Signal Warrents Summary

City Council takes Action – March 2009

Feasibility Report – March 2009

Note to County Engineer – January 2009

To request Olmsted County action please contact the Olmsted County Board of Commissioners:

2010 Chair – Judy Ohly

2011 Chair – Mike Podulke

District 5 Commissioner – Jim Bier

District 6 Commissioner – Dave Perkins

County Engineer –Michael Sheehan

County Administrator – Richard Devlin

They are all good people so just contact them and make them aware of who you are and that would like to see this signalization complete in 2011.

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