Truth in Taxation Statements

Here is a government waste of money.  The statements that we send are mandated by the state of Minnesota.  They are also meaningless and the postage costs too much.  They are meaningless because the preliminary adopted tax levy has nothing to do with the actual (it simply sets a maximum).  In the city’s case the preliminary was 8.5% and the actual was 3.5%.  There is no reason why we can’t just post this information online and save a huge expense.  All of our citizens have free access to the internet at our library.

Here is the invoice for the city’s share.  The county and school district are also being mandated to throw this money away.  I know it’s not much, but I hate government waste.


  1. I thought you favored open government, remember that originally the notice was followed by a hearing. This allowed the public to register their concerns about the amount set, then the legislature, at the request of the involved organizations waived the hearing. So now you want to get rid of the notice, why not be realistic about the amount instead of opposing the notice, and then have a hearing on the amount. There is no good reason why the budget has to be delayed to the last of the year the process starts early in the year.

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