Q & A: Sidewalk Clearing

Question:  Who should I call if my neighbors don’t clear their sidewalks?

Answer:  First understand the current situation.  The city rules state that sidewalks must be cleared 24 hours after a snowfall event.  That said when we have a big snowfall emergency please be understanding and patient.  Many people use contractors to remove snow and they are understandably backed up.

That said, if there is not a serious effort to clear the walkways please contact Greg Roeder at: groeder@rochestermn.gov.  Or call public works at 507-328-2450.  The city will have the sidewalk cleared and charge the property owner.

Bonus question:  Should I feel guilty about getting their sidewalk cleared?

Answer:  Absolutely not.  Home ownership is a responsibility.  Often a cleared sidewalk is what will prevent my daughter, school children, the elderly, or those with disabilities that prevent driving from having to traverse dangerous roads.  We all have an obligation to make sure that our public infrastructure is safe for all users.

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