Analysis: Creating Safe Bicycle Routes in Ward 2

I took some time today to meet with city / county staff including Richard Freese, Doug Nelson, Gary Shannon, and Muhammad Khan about my thoughts on how we can cost effectively provide nearly 100% of my citizens safe bicycle access to nearly 100% of the destinations in my Ward. 

Really, all that is needed is a few bike lanes and connections that can be done in conjunction with already planned projects.  The key is always to do it correct the first time.  The idea is to give bicyclists safe routes so they do not need to use unsafe ones.  As always, I like to point out that that there are 2 kinds of bicyclists.  Some use bikes for recreation and fun so our trails are perfect.  Others use bicycles as a means of transportation and will only use direct efficient routes.

Muhammad provided information on the 2009 plan here and the presentation can be viewed here.

Here are some of my or my neighbors’ ideas:

  1. Safe crossing at 3rd Street NW across West Circle Drive.  There was a proposal sent to county public works 2 years ago with no response thus far.
  2. Bicycle improvements or bicycle boulevard along 1st Street SW from 16th Avenue to 4th Avenue.
  3. Safe crossing and bicycle lanes on 6th Street SW from West Frontage to Broadway.  (Likely just on the Uphill sides of the street).
  4. Safety improvements at 2nd St SW and West Circle Drive
  5. Bike Lanes along 2nd Street SW from West Circle Drive to East Frontage Road or 16th Avenue.
  6. 4 to 3 Conversion on 16th Avenue with bike lanes.
  7. Paint lanes on 7th Street NW (Manor), Fox Valley Drive, 23rd Avenue, Folwell Drive, 3rd, 4th, and 6th Avenue. (Part speed calming, part safety)

As always, I will first get the input of my neighborhoods before moving forward on any of this.  I expect all of this would cost far less that reconstructing 1 mile of city street.

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  1. This looks good. Also, the exercise/no emmissions facet. Bike lock rings on parking meters would also encourage people to ride downtown (downtown development). Montreal has a bike ring on every meter so people are able to lock bikes there free. I have pictures. It’s not exactloy the rental system that Paris or Mpls has, but cheaper and good profile.

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