Proposed 2011 Budget Letter from City Administrator

You can see the summary letter regarding the proposed 2011 Budget here. As expected the actual increase is proposed to be far less than the initial 8.5%. 

At first glance the the increase is just a hair under $1.7 million.  Then factor in the 1.3 million that was added back into the budget because you all helped me defeat the Dennis Hanson / RPU regressive street light fee, and the actual increase is under $400k.

This translates to an increase of about 0.9% increase.  Factoring in our growth and the total budget this is the 2nd consecutive year that Rochester City Government has shrunk.

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  1. Would it be fair to ask where the city sales tax appears in the income tabulation? Also the city web site does not allow access to the budget documents that you will see this week, seems as if that would be appropriate.

    Also the parks staff increase for road side support does not have any context as usual, have they looks for savings to cover these staff issues, that is, could we, for example, cut down on mowing and use that time to do this, I still watch the mowers in soldiers field every wednesday when I am at the Y, how about mowing every two weeks instead, I wonder if there are not other steps that could be taken to solve this.

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