Q & A: Why did my taxes go up 30%?

Trust me when I heard this I was probably as upset as the owner.  Turns out there is was a good explanation.  Thanks to Dale Martinson for supplying that answer.  I removed the name of the property owner because I respect the privacy of my citizens.


Michael, My house fell in value, my class stayed the same yet my 2011 taxes are going up over 30%. This seems to be out of touch with the general economy/times. Please work on getting this # moved down as much as possible. Government needs to live within it’s means. Thanks, XXXXX



This property changed classifications from 2010 to 2011.

In 2010 it was classified as a “201 – Residential” property with a tax capacity of $1,460.

In 2011 it was classified as a  “206 – Res 1 – 3 Units” property with a tax capacity of $1,766

That is a 21% increase that had nothing to do with the tax rates of the City, County, or School.

I am not just sure what happened, but the County assessor would be able to say whether this was the result of having more rental units within the same building or just what happened.


Further, the actual increase from the city will be less because we will set the levy less than the estimate.  The preliminary figure only serves as a maximum, it does not mean the increases will be that high.

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