Municipal Broadband – still a good idea.

Unfortunately the idea was soundly shot sown by the council, specifically Dennis Hanson and Ed Hruska who even opposed funding a study to see if broadband was viable.  Here is a story about a town that made the right decision and how their citizens have benefited.

At the meeting where we discussed whether we should study implementing municipal broadband. At the meeting John Wade, representing the Chamber of Commerce weighed in and stated that they “Opposed government interference in this competitive marketplace.”  Rest assured that you have at least one city council member that believes that Charter Communications is a monopoly provider exploiting an uncompetitive market, ripping off our citizens with high prices, and taking the profits out of Rochester.

At the meeting, Tucker Carlson, who represents Charter Communications (guess what, they opposed this…) refused to answer the question about how many of their 600 workers in Rochester earn a living wage or what percentage of their revenues stay in Rochester.  Instead, he made an emotion appeal to not pick on his defenseless workers.

For people that want real broadband competition and better prices, I will only say deliver me 3 more votes on the City Council and it will happen.

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