How expensive are those bus shelters?

I received an interesting memo regarding the downtown bus shelters from Public Works Director, Richard Freese and want to share it.  This really shows how much thought goes into some of these decisions.

Here is the response I sent Richard.

Thanks Richard,

I remain fully supportive of this.  The part that I would highlight would be the following:  If you look at the total cost and pull out all the required items or basic items such as concrete / steel / signs / heating; the extras basically are included in the Masonry & Art work at about $85k.  Now we could reduce that some, but we will still need the structural elements.  My guess is that we spent about a 10% extra to make these highly visible structures more attractive.  Which they definitely are.  I do desire a downtown to be proud of.  Based on current interest rates and a 50 year life which is reasonable to assume, considering the quality construction, the cost of the improvements to each shelter amounts to $1,400 per year or about $0.01 per citizen.  I know there are some who still don’t like this, but as wasteful spending goes I think there are better target…


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