Michael Wojcik Questions Lobbyist Tony Lehrman

Here are the questions I asked Tony Lehrman of which Jay Burke wrote a letter of complaint.


  1. Smoke detectors increase the cost of housing, is this a good requirement because there is a net benefit to the community?
  2. Are trees also a net benefit to the community?
  3. Why should we require one benefit and not the other?
  4. A Doctor just told us about how trees reduce Asthma, is there not a benefit to health?
  5. Is the $1.80 figure that a developer gave us particularly burdensome?
  6. After presenting data I researched, compared with the cities we are competing with don’t we have low development costs?
  7. Based on scientific studies, there appears to be benefit to place trees at the street, correct?
  8. Why are we assuming street trees and yard trees are mutually exclusive?
  9. You agree that this ordinance does not prevent planting trees in the yard?
  10. Our streets are expensive, correct?
  11. Isn’t the increased pavement life a good benefit?
  12. Why do we need to solve every tree problem before we address adding trees to new development?

I had several more questions before discussion was ended by Dennis Hanson.

Questions 1-4 deal with whether of not this made good policy sense, specifically whether the benefits outweighed the costs.  [They do]

Questions 5&6 deal with whether our development costs are burdensome, a common RAB complaint.  [They aren’t]

Questions 7-9 deal with whether the RAB complaint that this infringes on tree location choice.  [It does not]

Questions 10&11 deal with how trees are part of well designed street infrastructure and save taxpayers money.  [They do]

Question 12 deals with the RAB assertion that we should take no action unless all tree deficiencies are simultaneously addressed.  [Silly]


  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I so wish you were my councilman but I live a couple blocks away from the pres. 🙁 Please don’t get discouraged. You are doing a great job and you are doing a great service for the vast majority of citizens who don’t have our voices heard over the developers.

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