November 15, 2010 City Council Meeting

A much shorter city council meeting which unfortunately mostly involved me speaking.  What fun would a city council meeting be without a little controversy?

Here is what we / I did:

  1. Approved a 5.4% increase in compensation for the IUOE Local 49 (1% pay increase).
  2. Took a little parking off of Ruby Ln.
  3. Made a tiny change to the street tree ordinance.
  4. I responded to a letter that Jay Burke wrote accusing me of being mean to their paid lobbyist.
  5. I brought up a concern about special interests buying city council seats with hidden money (based on a conversation overheard by credible sources where Tony Lehrman and Jay Burke where discussing how a local developer was willing to buy an election).
  6. Knock on wood, I think I learned how to embed a video on this site.

One comment

  1. Was at the council meeting last night. Sat near the back of the one section and found it hard to hear things. Was an interesting meeting and I learned some stuff. Thought things went pretty well. Thanks for being our representative!

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