Cascade Creek Begins

I have been casually watching this project for longer than I have been in office.  This is a great project spearheaded by First Homes that will redevelop 11 mostly blighted homes into 40 affordable rental units, a new daycare, commercial space, 5 market rate town homes, as well as some green space.  This will be done in an urban friendly manner with the input of neighbors.  I believe the main building is targeting LEED-Gold.  The preliminary architecture that I have seen is stunning.

In addition the Downtown Masterplan calls for 6th Avenue to be  Green Complete Street, and I will try to ensure that this project keeps with those goals.  There have been many excuses why we have to tolerate low standards in workforce housing.  This project proves that workforce housing can be done in a mixed income, transit oriented, mixed ownership, mixed use setting.  This also shows that high quality standards and neighborhood interaction are possible.  As such the next time we see a request for another project, we should make sure this will be the minimum standard.

Here are some pictures from the tear down of existing properties.

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