City Volunteers Needed – Very Important to Act by November 2

While all of our volunteers are needed and appreciated, I would specifically point to two positions.  Planning / Zoning and RPU Board.  We need independent citizens not developers on our Planning and Zoning Commission.  Even though the development interests represents less than 10% of the community they have long dominated Planning and Zoning.


To see why this important, just look at Wednesday’s (October 27, 2010) meeting.  At a public forum pretty much everyone supported a new street tree ordinance except for the Rochester Area Builders (RAB).  When the vote was taken there were 4 independent commissioners that supported the ordinance and 3 commissioners with developer ties that opposed it.  (I am told, I haven’t seen the minutes yet.)


Note you must apply by November 2!!!



Here is the Mayor’s Press Release:


Appointments to:


Rochester Public Utilities (1);

Music Board – Ward 1 (1), Ward 3 (1), Ward 4 (1);

Library Board (1),

Heritage Preservation Commission (2),

Planning & Zoning Commission (1);

Zoning Board of Adjustment (1)


The Mayor’s office is seeking applications from local citizens residing in Rochester who are interested in serving on boards, committees and commissions.


Applications may be picked up at the Mayor’s Office, Room 281 City Hall, on-line at, or call 328-2700 to request that one be mailed.  Please submit completed application by November 2, 2010.


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