Glenn S. Forbes editorial in the Post Bulletin

Early Medicaid enrollment good for state, patients

I found this to be particularly interesting and I have to say that I agree 100% with Mr. Frobes’ analysis.  What I find particularly interesting is that he goes so far as to do something Mayo never does; speak politics.

In the closing days of this campaign, we strongly encourage voters to talk to candidates running for governor and the Minnesota Legislature to urge them to pledge to fix this critical problem during the 2011 legislative session.

Reading between the lines this says to me don’t vote for Tom Emmer, who just like Tim Pawlenty will decline the $1.4 Billion grant.  I find it interesting that the state’s largest private employer would come out so strongly against some who whole campaign is an unsubstantiated claim that he is “pro-business.”

Great column Dr. Forbes!

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  1. WOW,
    Mayo hasn’t shown a spine in years? Ever since Barbara Bush was on it’s board it seemed to have become a snake like all the rest of Big Biz in corporate america and the world. What happened to the leader it once was, did Mayo really need to become just another evil corporation, stealing patents from it’s employees and hiding behind the shell games of legal eagles. Sad day for a foundation build by a family of care givers with good intentions, only to be over run by Greedy board members and bottom feeding dwellers of bottom line business models.

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