The Future of Broadway?

These pictures were furnished by Doug Knott (city administration) of a main thoroughfare (US 287) in Longmont, Colorado.  The traffic count on the roadway pictured is actually above that of Broadway.  You can see how the highway contributes to a desirable space.  Eventually Broadway should be returned to the city.  MN-DOT would like to do it today.  US 63 would then follow US 52 between Broadway South and 75th St NW.  The highway would likely follow 75th Street and rejoin the existing US 63.  The would have the effect of taking through traffic out of downtown Rochester.

Key elements that make this space work is that the street scape is designed with pedestrians in mind.  One interesting observation that Doug had is that median landscaping is concentrated at the pedestrian crossings witch would be less costly than landscaping the entire median, while still offering the benefits to crossing pedestrians.  While this is a very busy street, pedestrians can still cross in clearly marked areas with an island of safety half way.  There is also a decided lack of street & business sign clutter.  One last note is that there are boulevard trees like there should be nearly everywhere.

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