Cascade Meadows Environmental Learning Center

Recently I was able to get a tour of the soon to open Cascade Meadows Environmental Learning Center. This is a wonderful gift from Jack Remick to our community.  The building is near completion, though the many different types of wetlands may take years to complete.

Here is Jack in our touring vehicle.  Jack described how he started with a small amount of classroom space, and that evolved to this incredible 18,000 sq. ft. building.  Jack jokingly referred to this Jack’s folly, but I would disagree.  This will be a legacy to someone that has done so much for our community.  This combined with the Uptown area, Cascade lake, and the southern terminus of the Douglas Trail will make for one of the most amazing concentrations of environmental amenities in the Upper Midwest.

The building is being constructed to achieve a LEED Platinum certification.  Now a building can get certified or silver without too much effort, gold is tougher, platinum take alot of money.  This building is the best of the best.

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