A Note from Romain Dallemand:

Colleagues, community members, and friends,

As some of you may have already heard, I am a finalist for the Superintendent’s position at Bibb County Schools in Macon, Georgia.  I am excited about this opportunity, but as you can imagine, also find it difficult to think about the possibility of leaving the work I have been doing in Rochester since 2007.  Fundamentally, I realize that this is not a good time for a change in leadership in Rochester – the district is undergoing budget cuts; there will be five new board members in 2011; and the referendum vote will have a major influence on the district.  There is already a lot of change in motion. I also believe that there is never a good time for this type of move.  However, this move is what is best for me and my family. I have a lot of family in Georgia, including my mother, and Florida.  I look forward to being closer to them.

I do not know what will happen in the next several weeks as to whether or not I will be offered the position.  Regardless of the decision, I continue to believe in the amazing students and staff in our district and am proud of the work they do each and every day. In addition, I cannot express how much I appreciate the wonderful support I have received from community members and business leaders in Rochester. Your friendships continue to be a guiding resource that I value a great deal.

The school year began just six short weeks ago. The district’s mission and vision of educating the students of Rochester has not changed.  We will continue to do this with the utmost integrity and purposeful planning.  As stories appear in the media and community, please know that I remain supportive of this community and Rochester Public Schools and am aware of the impact this will have on everyone.  I remain committed to the students of Rochester Public Schools and to all of you.


Romain Dallemand


Rochester Public Schools, ISD #535

615 Seventh Street SW

Rochester  MN   55902

Phone:  507-328-4256

Fax:  507-328-4212

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