Mayor’s Emergency Declaration

The Mayor has issued a proclamation declaring a local emergency under City ordinance.  He is required under that to provide you with prompt notice.  The good news is that thus far no injuries have been reported.  There has been some damage in the NW in the Menards, 48th St. NW neighborhoods.  About a 5 block area by 48th St. NW had some homes with structural damage.  Three busloads of citizens were taken to an emergency shelter set up by Red Cross.  A portion of the Menards North façade blew off and there was some damage to their roof.  About 5000 residents were without power, some still are without power.  There
have been a couple of fires due to lightning strikes.

The emergency declaration is only good for 3 days. If it looks like more time will be needed, then we will either call an emergency Council meeting tomorrow or Monday so that the Mayor and staff can
discuss this with you as required by the ordinance.

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