Goals for 2010

In the coming weeks, more information will be posted separately on each of the goals for 2010 listed here. Here is the list of goals and issues that I would like to see addressed in 2010. This list is given in no particular order.

1. Communicate more with constituents: more web postings and more door knocking (this has already begun)

2. Formation of a small group advisory committee

3. Working better with other levels of government (county, school district)

4. Pass a city tree ordinance

5. Formation of a neighborhood association in Country Club Manor and Diamond Ridge areas (this is underway!)

6. Rochester Convention and Visitors Bureau

7. Neighborhood design and development standards

8. Core zoning

9. Real time pricing and feedback from RPU

10. City wide broadband

11. Focus on high quality workforce housing developments with integrated ownership

12. City energy baseline

13. Create GLBT equality policy

14. West on 2nd Street planning (2nd St from 52 and west)

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