• 05Mar

    I am excited to take 2 continuing education course prior to the Nation League of Cities in Washington DC. Today I am in a full day course on Urban Planning (on of my passions). This program is being put on

    I hope to bring this course to Rochester in conjunction with the comprehensive plan update.

    ULI Urban Plan

    Rose Center for Public Leadership

    Tomorrow I am in a half day course on building a creative city. Here are some materials I was sent to study in advance of that session. If you are interested in how you build a thriving creative city, you might enjoy reading these materials:

    The Real Source of America’s Urban Revival

    The Winners & Losers of Economic Clustering – Richard Florida

    The Future of the American City – Financial Times

    Cities must be Cool, Creative, and in Control – Michael Bloomberg

    Creative Talent – The Guardian

    Back to the City – Harvard Business Review


  • 15Jul

    Hey Rochester Amateur / Pro Photographers! NLC is launching an Instagram account and I need you help with some pictures of Rochester. Please follow the link below to submit your work, or send me some to submit.

    Good news! We are launching our first NLC Instagram account, and we hope to fill it with photos highlighting the unique, beautiful, and diverse range of communities that create the National League of Cities. We’re launching this project with our special hashtag #MyCityMyHome, and we’ll be featuring all kinds of hometowns from across America. We want to know what makes you proud of the place where you live.

    We invite you to be a part of our new account by filling out this simple form by September 15th, showing and telling us what you love about your home. Your photos will be featured on both our Instagram account and our Facebook page. We can’t wait to show the America your city!


  • 07Mar

    This was an outstanding session with good data and examples. I am sharing the materials we used they are a good read for my fellow nerd friends.

    Part 1: NLC University Transportation Planning 1

    Part 2: NLC University Transportation Planning 2 – This is the one that I found incredibly interesting and valuable.

    Part 3: NLC University Transportation Planning 3

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  • 23Feb

    I also personally support these 6 items!

    Support Marketplace Fairness

    We ask Congress to pass the Marketplace Fairness Act to place brick-and-mortar community businesses on a level playing field with online retailers and afford consumers more choice through fair competition. Allowing state and local governments the flexibility to collect the taxes already owed to them on remote online purchases removes an unfair disadvantage for local businesses, while helping close budget gaps.

    Invest in Local Transportation Priorities

    We ask Congress to authorize a new, long-term federal surface transportation program that recognizes the central role of transportation to local economies and includes local voices in planning and project selection. With a strong federal partnership, cities can continue transportation and infrastructure investments that ensure everyone has access to education, training and employment. The program must provide cities a greater role in decision-making for transportation projects to meet community goals and recognize the role of metropolitan economies to the nation’s economic wellbeing and competitiveness. The overall transportation system must be made more efficient, including upgrades to older systems and the addition of new modes like light rail and bus rapid transit.

    Protect Municipal Bonds

    We oppose any attempt to eliminate or limit the traditional tax exemption for municipal bonds, whether as a part of a deficit reduction plan, a push for comprehensive tax reform or as an offset for new spending. While cities support the need to address the nation’s budget deficit, in addition to increasing taxes, the federal government could raise revenue by expanding what is subject to being taxed (broadening the base).

    Fix the Nation’s Broken Immigration System

    Minnesota cites call on Congress and the Administration to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill that will fix the nation’s broken immigration system that hurts families, communities and our economy. For far too long our immigration system has torn apart families, allowed cultural misunderstandings to threaten our communities and held back economic growth by keeping a substantial population from being able to fully participate. Cities need a plan for comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship, strong border enforcement and support for cities and towns to integrate immigrants into their communities and allow them to make both cultural and economic contributions to the nation.

    Strengthen the Nation’s Education Pipeline

    Cities seek to partner with the Department of Education to strengthen the education pipeline from early childhood through improved postsecondary success. That means increasing the visibility, understanding and appreciation of the role that cities can play in leading educational change by advancing strong early childhood opportunities, citywide high-quality afterschool programs and strategies to improve postsecondary success rates. We need Congress to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), which includes important education programs such as Title I, so that states and localities will have the tools they need to improve their local education systems.

    Support Community Resilience

    As extreme weather events become more common, local governments in all geographic and climatic regions are looking for resources to assist them in anticipating, preparing for and adapting to these events. We ask Congress and the Administration to help local governments conduct vulnerability assessments, and develop and implement adaptation and resilience action plans. This includes passing the STRONG Act (Strengthening the Resiliency of our Nation on the Ground). Cities need stronger federal support to leverage resources most effectively, learn from and act on the latest information available on climate change and find ways to partner with regional and state agencies that encourage smart planning.

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  • 06Dec

    As always, I believe in transparency and publish my expense reports so the public can see how I am spending their money.  I am happy to do this because when I travel on city business I do so in a frugal manner.  These expenses were from the National League of Cities in Seattle.  Since I have been elected, I invest heavily in education but ALWAYS spend less each year than the entitled benefits that I give back to the city.

     photo ScreenShot2013-12-06at112456AM_zps2aeb2395.png

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  • 01Aug

    Mega Update including:

    • Salaries
    • Fox Hill Villas
    • 5×5
    • Comprehensive Plan
    • Uptown
    • Meetings

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  • 07Jul

    So I have always taken pride on saving money when I travel.  This extends to taxpayer funded travel.  While most people stay in convention hotels near sites, when I can I go out of my way for cheaper accommodations.  Here is where I stayed during the National League of Cities in Phoenix last fall.  From here I had to walk about 1 km to the convention, but the rate was great.

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  • 29Jun

    Sometime I will share some stories, but for now I am just missing a friend.  Dennis was very good behind the scenes.  Here we are in Phoenix at the National League of Cities discussing things unrelated to the city.

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  • 17Apr

    I was traveling far too much in March. In March I attended the Rochester Day at the Capital, National League of Cities, Nation Bike Summit, and a Young Elected Officials Network Meeting. For the first time since 2008, by business suffered a losing month, so I really don’t like traveling that much. It is good to be home. I did meet a number of interesting people who inspired some new ideas.  In between the events I got to spend some family time in the nations capital.

    As always I am posting my expense reports as a sign of transparency that I started in 2009. Here is my travel policy again for those that missed it in the past. 1) Treat the dollars like my own, that’s why I stay in building that are under construction, the Super 8 in PHX, or in B&Bs with a shared bath. 2) I return about $13,000 annually in entitled benefits to the city of Rochester and always keep travel expenses to less than that. 3) I try new things, but hate wasting time because every time I travel, I lose business income.

    Here are the latest updates:

    Personal Expense 032412 (NBS)

    Personal Expense 032412 (YEO)

    Personal Expense 031712 (NLC)

    Personal Expense 031512

    Personal Expense 020112

    Personal Expense Invoice 111511

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  • 06Jan

    I was excited to learn today that I was appointed to the National League of Cities Community and Economic Development (CED) Steering Committee.  In 2011, I served on the policy committee, but the steering committee will allow me to provide more input into policies for doing community and economic development the right way.  As always I will focus on sustainable mixed use, mixed income, high quality development.

    Here is the note:

    Read more…

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