• 25Nov

    There has been an effort to sweep this report under the rug. I have no intention of letting that happen.

    If you have never heard of the Planning Administrative Services Committee (PASC), here is a crash course on who they are, what they do, and why they are the biggest contributor to the current disfunction in the Planning Department. Read more…

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  • 15Apr

    Here are 2 opportunities to shape the future of Rochester!

    1)      On April 22nd, the Rochester-Olmsted Council of Governments (ROCOG) will be hosting an Open Housing on the Reaffirmation of the ROCOG Long Range Transportation Plan from 5:30 to 7:30 in Conference Room A/B of the Rochester Olmsted Planning Department at 2112 Campus Drive SE.

    2)      On May 6 and 7, the City will be hosting a series of several comprehensive plan update and public input meetings. The meeting agenda will be identical for each of these meetings, allowing multiple opportunities for the public to attend and provide input.  Below is a schedule of meetings for May 6 and 7.  Please plan on attending one of these that fits into your schedule.

    ·         May 6            6:30 pm                Olmsted County Public Health Conference Room (2100 Campus Drive SE)

    ·         May 7            3:00 pm                County/City Council Chambers (Government Center)

    ·         May 7            6:30 pm                County/City Council Chambers (Government Center)

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  • 27Jul

    The City of Rochester unanimously directed staff to support the city of Winona’s ability to put in place restrictions on the percentage of homes that can be converted to rentals.  The unanimous direction came despite the objection of the SEMAR.


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  • 14Jul

    Every wonder the difference between an R3 and a B4?  You can build an adult bookstore in one and not the other…


    Our zoning (with perhaps the exception of B2 and Core Neighborhood) remains a relic of the 60’s and 70’s and needs a refresh.

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  • 06Apr

    So in anticipation of peddler season the city clerk put together a picture of what a peddler permit looks like in Rochester.  Note this will be on gold colored paper.  Political campaigns and religious folks are not solicitors and do not need one of these.  I get a lot of complaints about scam artists going door to door trying to sell things.

    Here is how we as a community can end the abuse very quickly.  If someone comes to your door that you don’t recognize, snap a picture with your phone.  If they are trying to sell you something, ask to see their peddler’s permit.  If they do not have one, call the police non-emergency line 507-328-6800 and tell them that you had a peddler with out a license and then provide the police with the picture and any other details.

    Peddler Permit Example Image

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  • 17Sep

    5×5 veto override
    Blighted house in SW Rochester to be raised
    Rochester to save $ by delaying purchase

    update: Racism is not welcome at the Rochester City Council – there is not excuse for it and I will not respect those that use racist terms. People who destroy neighborhoods with blight aren’t well liked either… For those of you that don’t know I spent a lot of time in Japan.

    update2: I did refer to home owner as senile in my midnight video. This was not intended as a slam so sorry if it is taken that way. Here is how I used the term.

    showing a decline or deterioration of physical strength or mental functioning, especially short-term memory and alertness, as a result of old age or disease.

    This person should have never been representing himself at the city council. I feel sorry that his family is not giving Mr. Young the support that he needs, but his days of hurting a Rochester neighborhood will soon be over.

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  • 14Apr

    Bruce Synder tweeted a fair question about using the West frontage road. I ran the routes using Google Maps. It looks like the difference is about 1.1 miles and 23 minutes. Also going this route adds 4 crossings of Freeway enterance or exit routes. It is much faster than the rote the Chamber suggests, but still quite out of the way. This would continue to not provide access to places like the school.

    East Frontage Road: 0.9 miles 16 minutes

    View Larger Map

    West Frontage Road: 2.0 miles 39 minutes

    View Larger Map

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  • 27Feb

    I actually get this question quite a bit.  Basically there is a population that opposes smart growth, land use planning, neighborhood planning, and this concept has been a rallying cry.

    Here is a good look at the controversy: Agenda 21

    As always I like to be very clear about where I stand on the issues:

    • I support social justice.
    • I support smart growth.
    • I support green space.
    • I support energy / water / resource  conservation.
    • I support safe walking, biking, and transit routes.
    • I support transit oriented development.
    • I support walkable communities.
    • I support quality construction.
    • I support quality affordable housing.
    • I oppose sprawl.
    • I oppose low quality construction.
    • I oppose automobile only development.
    • I oppose concentrations of poverty.

    I always like to ask a simple question.  Which is smarter a mile of infrastructure that serves 5 homes or 50?  Which is more likely to raise you taxes?

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  • 21Feb

    Congrats Wayne Flock and team!

    1) Uptown moves on
    2) Forcing a homeowner to take financial responsibility
    3) Slatterly Park Vision Plan passes

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  • 03Feb

    No big secret here. I just worked really hard. Here are the shoes that I wore out. Some of my volunteers did the same.

     photo IMG_2230_zps22ca8af0.jpg

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