• 25Jan

    Here is a link to the revised DMC Design Guidelines. I expect that this version will go the advisory bodies and the council for approval. So make sure that you review this and send me any comments that you have. This is one of those major planning changes that is drawing to a conclusion.

  • 14Dec

    Check out this 1 pager to learn the latest.

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  • 30Aug

    I believe that tracking and making available key data is the key to understanding the positive or negative impacts of policies in Rochester. This is especially true with DMC. I like the overview presented in the attached file and look forward to this being available at dmc.mn.

    Community Dashboard Overview

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  • 05Jun

    My take in short are that these are fantastic. I hope we can more broadly apply these. I just hope neither staff nor lobbying organizations have too much success weakening these. As always, give me your comments.

    Proposed Building Guidelines

    Proposed Street Guidelines

    Proposed District Guidelines

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  • 17Dec

    It would appear the answer is yes and it can be done pretty quickly.

    Here is a summary of the CEE report to DMC.

    Here is the full report.

    In short the proposal calls for the city, Mayo, RPU, & MERC to create an Energy Integration Committee to focus on:

    • Energy efficiency
    • District Energy
    • Renewable Energy
    • Culture of Sustainability

    We will see if the city and pursue this.

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  • 18Nov

    I think the city has been lacking in oversize and analysis of DMC so I am trying to do it myself. At least at a high level. I can’t emphasize enough how rough this analysis is… I would also add that this is not cause to panic, we understood that we faced up front costs and only recouped our investment AFTER significant projects were done.

    I am trying to quantify local contributions and returns from investment in DMC. To date we have spent / committed / are likely to spend $38 million (2014-2017). The number is rough, but this analysis seems better than anything else that is public. Here is where that $38 million figure is coming from. It include 4 years of operating budgets and some projects costs.

    DMC 38 Million photo Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 11.16.13 AM_zpszogzchf6.png

    The payback that the city receives is by way of new property taxes which have not yet happened. In addition, I am looking at projects in the DMC area and trying to determine if they are caused by DMC or were likely to happen regardless. In the case of the housing projects there is nothing that has come forward that was not already happening after the renewed interest in downtown and success of the Food Coop / Metropolitan Marketplace. I really point to 3 projects as being related to DMC and only 1 of those pays property taxes.

    DMC Area Projects photo Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 11.16.50 AM_zpsvj8voqbv.png

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  • 29Sep

    To stream line the process, the City of Rochester and DMC created a joint application for funding dollars. Here it is:

    DMC Funding Application

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  • 28Feb

    City Administration is suggesting that we use a 0.25% sales tax increase to fund the bulk of the $128 million city obligation to DMC.


    Here are the options we have to come up with $128 million (really $100 million)

    1. expanded tax abatement authority
    2. expanded TIF authority
    3. credit for 2012 DMC sales tax funding
    4. authority to extend the current 0.5% sales tax for local matching costs or authority to impose a 0.25% sales tax rate increase
    5. lodging tax increase
    6. food and beverage tax
    7. admissions and entertainment tax

    To get to $128 million we first count the $20 million for Destination Medical Community (#3 in the list) in the 2012 Sales Tax. We also plan on using the $8 million for Downtown Masterplan Infrastructure. This leaves $100 million over the next 19 years.

    #1 and #2 will be used some. It is important to realize that these funds are replaced by local property tax funds and thus costs the city property owners 100%.

    #5 is not really practical we just raised it 3% for Mayo Civic Center and it is now at or near the highest in the state.

    #6 is a new tax and would not generate nearly the funds we need.

    #7  is a new tax and would not generate nearly the funds we need.

    Many communities do have #6 and #7, but my preference would to be not to use these since they do not generate any where near $100 million. Perhaps someday these will be employed for something the community values in the future.

    #4 has 2 options, but extending the 0.5% does not work. The current $139.5 million uses all these funds for most of the length of DMC. Both the timing and quantity do not do much for us. That leaves the 0.25%. Mathematically it is the only option that can raise the dollars. Not sure what other options there really are.


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  • 29Jan

    This morning I delivered the following concerns to the DMC Board.

    I am careful to always try to maintain perspective and be thankful for the wonderful opportunity that DMC Presents to the city of Rochester. The transportation section of the DMC plan is absolutely fantastic and can create a world-class amenity for residents and visitors. I am incredibly appreciative of the opportunity before us but know it is not my role to sit back and watch the show. I have tried to be proactive and express my concerns early and often and I will do so once again. Read more…

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  • 11Nov

    I thought I would share some of the evolving DMC Transportation plans.  Transit is likely the MOST important part of the DMC district with everything else far behind.  We need to get tens of thousands more people downtown while adding 0 new lanes of travel.  Clearly walking, biking, car pool, and transit are critical.

    November 3 DMC Transit Update

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