• 25May

    Good to see such a strong decision coming from the Ethical Practices Board. I consider this decision a win for good government and the tax paying public.

    My summary:

    • I’m glad I asked the question, a literal reading of the ethics ordinance did find a conflict of interest.
    • The RAB Paid Lobbyist may sit on the Heart of the City Board.
    • The RAB Paid Lobbyist may not participate in or vote on items that would benefit ANY of the local companies he is paid to represent.
    • If the RAB Paid Lobbyist does participate in discussion or votes that directs a contract towards any of the companies he represents it will be a conflict of interest.
    • The language in the Code of Ethics needs to be updated as currently there are a huge number of people unintentionally violating the literal wording.
    • The Independent Ethical Practices Board adds to the chorus calling for a better board appointment process.

    Independant Ethical Practices Board Decision

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